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Candelaria de la Losa is a graphic designer and illustrator from Buenos Aires, Argentina. She step into the design world through her involvement with commercial and digital design, specializing in the UX design of games and apps.

If anything describes her, it’s that she is an explorer. Interested in how different mediums work, bouncing from the fine art world to vectors, from paint to textile patterns. Forever ignited by new ideas and projects, Candelaria aims to master them while enjoying the process.

Inspiration comes from the different places she lived – Buenos Aires, London and Vancouver. – She lives with her husband and her dog Hiro in the city of Vancouver, Canada. Candelaria signs as Iurikova, a nickname that comes from her mother’s maiden name.


Candelaria works for Machobear and Liv Interior designs, developing digital and branding products. On her own time, she is involved with the illustration community in Vancouver, planning and creating upcoming projects. She co-founded the illustrator Collective called Casadaka, which provides a means to share resources and constructively critique our peer’s work. Her work is currently being show on Rustico Coffee, Vancouver, through the month of April.



GROUP / Rustico Caffe.


GROUP / Exhigone, Nothing Hill, London, UK.

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