Exhibition in celebration of wildlife native to British Columbia

Together with Darren Lebeuf, Sara Theuerkauf, Kai-Lin Yang and myself, we founded the Casadaka Collective.

As a collective we are able to nurture our shared passion for illustration, imagined worlds and storytelling. Casadaka was formed in 2016 as a response to the positive growth we experienced after taking a class together at Emily Carr University. The collective provides a means to share resources and constructively critique our peer’s work. We are driven by each other’s energy, strong work ethic and enthusiasm for creative expression.

Spirited by Canada’s 150th Anniversary of Confederation, the Casadaka Collective’s latest collaboration is a celebration of wildlife native to British Columbia. Aptly called British Columbia’s Beautiful Creatures (BCBC), this fanciful body of work captures the group’s admiration for Canada’s wilderness and these majestic creatures. Our work is exhibited at Rustico Coffee until end of the Month.



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